the HR and OHS software specialist

Favour commenced operations in 1996 with an adamant desire for small to medium sized entities to have the suitable Human Resources software and infrastructure to be able to succeed and thrive in the marketplace. Since then, our time and energies have been devoted into developing human resources (HR) and occupational health and safety (OHS) software solutions that facilitate the ability for an enterprise to have the most effective means of ensuring quality recruitment, management and compliance.

Our Human Resources Management software seeks to make the HR function of an organisation much easier, more effective and more cost-effective via advanced capacities to gather, share and analyse information. Our HR software helps achieve those goals with functions encompassing driven processes, comprehensive reporting, automatic alerting and centralised source of information allowing an organisation to better allocate resources, retain employees, inform recruitment needs, save time, and in all of this reduce the cost and resources otherwise expended on HR.

Our OHS Management software has evolved from the growing need to improve standards to employee safety. Our OHS software allows an organisation to effectively comply with OH&S guidelines and practices. This results in a safer work environment, fewer hazards, a minimisation of injuries, and enhanced productivity and profit in the long-term. Our OH&S software systems therefore seek to centralise data so that businesses can share and access vital information and government regulations can be complied with. OH&S can also be monitored, allowing issues to be highlighted, tracked, analysed, escalated and improved processes created to negate issues in the future. . This leads overall also leads to a healthier workplace culture with higher employee satisfaction rates, and subsequent productivity and cost savings.

With years of experience working with small to medium entities and providing businesses with the right HR and OHS platforms to grow and succeed, we are confident that we can meet your requirements and offer the best solution to manage your people and succeed in your industry.