Favour values its business partners very highly.  

HR and OH&S covers a wide range of topics and it is important for us to have excellent relationships with partners Australia-wide, not only to recommend Favour's solutions but also to share information in the industry.  Our partners actively use Favour solutions, mot only for their own knowledge in terms of usage, but because they truly believe in the quality of the solutions.  Our major partners are listed below:

Goodsalls Computer Services

Goodsalls are Favour's Attache Dealer's Channel Coordinator and specialise in providing accounting and business management solutions specifically designed for small to medium-size organisations. Goodsall’s are one of the top Attache distributors nation wide specialising also in the marketing of integrated Attache and winHR/OHS solutions.    p  07 4922 2376   c  Guy Goodsall    e


HR2You are experts in assisting small business owners and managers resolve resolve issues around staff management - recruiting, retention, performance and compliance.    p  0409 254 893   c  Darren Cassidy    e


Vantage Human Capital is a specialist recruitment & human resources consulting firm. Vantage Human Capital assists companies to recruit employees and to ensure that they have appropriate strategies in place to successfully retain, motivate and manage their people.    p  (07) 3229 5750   c Kate Klease    e

CrossroadsCrossroads Human Resources is a specialist HR Solutions and Executive Search practice who provide mid sized business with services and products to help them find, manage and remunerate their people. Featured services include HR Partnering and Outplacement.    p  (03) 9862 5900   c Karl Burns    e

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