about us

Favour's inception in 1996 came about as a result of a desire to offer small and medium sized enterprise a viable alternative to the expensive offerings in the HR & OHS software arena.

The extensive prior experience of the directors in the software arena, specifically in the human resource, small to medium business software and and occupational health & safety fields has allowed Favour to produce a development model that encourages easy-to-use, scaleable and affordable products.

Importantly, all our software has been written from scratch by Favour, an Australian company, for Australian standards. We concentrate on adhering to industry standards and thoroughly understand employee and business-related processes, tasks and obstacles. Initially, the first two years involved the development of WinHR, closely followed by a fully integrated WinOHS.

General everyday product support is provided via phone, email, fax or website request. We place a high regard for support and aim to deliver quick and efficient and meaningful service.

We complement our software solutions by supplying related professional services to assist our customers to achieve their goals in a timely and efficient manner. We offer a range of analysis, consulting and project management services to ensure each implementation of our software is successful. On-going services ensure you have somewhere to turn to should you require advice or help in any aspect of your business, particularly in people-management tasks.

Favour has a team of sales and support consultants who regularly travel to various parts of Australia, and distributor partners who have the knowledge to demonstrate and implement Favour products. We are keen to see small to medium sized business thrive with the right infrastructure to enable their growth.

In the end, a sale is actually just the start. We want to create a long-lasting and fruitful relationship where you know you can rely on Favour for quality products and associated services.

key personnel

Alan Brennan has over 30 years experience in all aspects of business having successfully grown businesses over an extensive career. This has only been achievable by knowing who comes first, the customer, and by understanding that providing great service and support is key to success. Alan is integral to the management of the marketing and sales aspect of Favour solutions which also includes the management of our partner network around Australia. Alan will leave no stone unturned to ensure all at Favour will do everything to ensure our customers receive the best service and support possible.