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Tremendous benefits can be borne out of introducing a centralised HR software solution to your organisation

The best HR management software solutions should provide many benefits. They are, in essence, a tool that helps you accomplish your function within the organisation. A HR department's responsibility can be immense as not only are they in charge of employee well-being and aspirations, they also report to top-level management and need to provide information quickly and accurately. The ultimate aim of human resources systems is to provide efficiencies within the organisation, which in turn provides cost savings and competitive advantage.


Centralise & share information organisation-wide
Favour's winHR software system centralises organisation data, allowing information to be accessed by anyone, anywhere. With advanced security features, the position of the user can dictate what they can and cannot see. Additionally, access to the human resources software is available via either your network and/or web browser for self-serve capabilities.


Business plan & analyse
These human resources systems make information readily available and easily extracted in various forms, meaning teams can make informed decisions quickly, accurately and confidently. Trends and analysis can be used to foresee potential issues ahead of time and act accordingly. Extensive organisation structure options within the HR software allow you to report on specific groups or departments or compare how different regions or departments might be performing productivity and cost-wise.


Cost savings
Improving the bottom-line whilst improving efficiency is a goal in any organisation. Cost analysis can have far-reaching effects in helping drive down costs by removing duplication and enhancing process flow. winHR human resources software offers advanced cost recording and reporting capabilities that provide a new perspective on your costs..


Maximise resource usage
Your employees are your resource. To maximise your resource potential you need to be on top of the skills of your employees, where they might be able to fill gaps in positions on short-term, long-term or ongoing bases. With Favour's human resources systems and software, skill gaps are easily identified and action can be taken accordingly. Realising the potential of employees also boosts their job satisfaction, leading to higher employee retention. Knowing skills that are available within the organisation using the winHR software also helps in reduce recruitment costs and ensure succession planning is successful, especially in times of emergency, when factors can affect the critical processes of an organisation through employee sickness or loss.


Employee retention
Estimate the cost to replace an employee who has decided to leave the organisation, and you know that this is one area where substantial cost-savings can be made simply by being more aware of your employee needs and goals.  winHR software can boost employee retention by keeping track of an employee's skills, growth through training and variety, and tracking of performance using reviews and goals borne out of that. Email alerts and self-service options within the human resources software also help to keep employees informed and involved.


Recruiting for best fit
Tracking candidates for available posiitions and having the required information to successfully choose the best applicant (whether that be internal or external) for the job is a critical task. To choose incorrectly can become a very expensive exercise. Based on interviews, employment history, skill gap analysis and other factors, you can confidently track progress and follow the recruitment process even to the level of rejecting and accepting applicants and the sending of letters or emails to those candidates.


Automate and/or aid process
Non-centralised process can place a heavy toll on your payroll and HR administrators and managers. Traditionally much time is spent in HR administration. With winHR software systems you can reduce your administration costs substantially and become pro-active rather than reactive in the tasks at hand.


Comply with regulations
Of course a very important driver is compliance, whether that be government, union, standards, OHS or internally defined. The Favour HR software system can be very useful in achieving compliance and reducing the number of potential oversights that occur.

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We have successfully eliminated a number of spreadsheets accross the areas of HR, OHS, IT, Admin & Quality. The ability to set email alerts is one feature that is particularly appealing in that it automates the reminder process from one central location.

I have been pleasantly suprised with the consistency of such a high level of customer service and impressed with the quality, flexibility and functionality of winHR.

Nicole Black, HR Manager,

Heath Tecna