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winHR has a multitude of features you would expect of a mature and proven human resources database tool.

winHR is a tool. With the HR database's centralised capacity and different access options for information, its major aim is to make the HR department's life easier by providing process-driven functions, self-serve capabilities, and flexible output options to cater for any requirement that may be thrown at you.


Information screens
There is a wealth of information available in winHR. The type of information you can track using the winHR database includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee biographical details
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical history/ailments
  • Leave history and accruals
  • Education & training
  • Skills & skill gaps
  • Performance
  • Property issue
  • Memberships
  • Remuneration
  • Employment history (internal & external)
  • Recruitment

Flexible organisation and position structure options within the human resources tool allow you to map your requirements quickly and easily.


Reporting & Graphs
To cater for different levels of reporting sophistication, there are actually four integrated reporting tools within the winHR database. These tools include Smart Grids, Report Viewer, Report Builder and Graph Viewer. Most are very easy to use and provide the majority of your reporting needs. Report Builder is an advanced reporting tool that can provide for almost any reporting requirement including cross-tabs and merge forms. Across all the human resources tools there is a myriad of pre-defined reports that can be used straight out of the box. The winHR database provides many export options, should information need to be shared using other applications such as pdf or Excel.


Email Alerts
One of the most popular and favoured features in this human resources tool is email alerts .Email is automatically sent straight to your Outlook or favourite email reader. Flexible options allow you to automate email reminders, based on date- or data change-based triggers. HR database alerts can be used to escalate unfinished tasks or critical issues and are often used to notify payroll or other personnel of important changes to information such as biographical details. You will find that email alerts become an integral human resources tool, improving process flow within your organisation.


Security options are very important, especially in an HRIS solution where much relies on the reporting and organisation structures. winHR has excellent HR database options that allow you to provide security at user or user-group level. Manager-serve, for example, will allow a manager to see only their own staff, and you can also specify what type of employee information can be seen. This human resources tool makes security very easy to setup and supports security grouping for employees who have the same base security settings.


Document Management
This powerful feature enables you to attach documents to any record within the winHR database. You can, for example, drill-down to a training entry and then quickly view a document or a scanned image representing the course certificate simply by pressing a button from winHR. You can also scan anything using your scanning device or digital camera right from winHR. With the document management features in winHR's human resources tool you can do away with most, if not all, of your physical paper storage mechanisms.


A myriad of options are available within winHR. These HR database customisations help you to setup the system exactly as required according to your needs. All options are modifiable by you, so there are no expensive consulting costs to make these changes for you. Some of the more popular customisation options include renaming of fields, specifying drop-down lists, and colouring of grids and disabled fields. There are many function-specific settings too. Cleverly designed options in the HR database mean software source code efficiencies ... and the development cost savings flow through to you, our customer.


Payroll Integration
winHR can integrate with almost any payroll. As payroll is often an extension of HR, it is important to ensure information can be shared easily between human resources tools and payroll applications. Employee master file, leave accruals and leave taken are the items most commonly integrated between payroll and HR.  If you are an expanding company, and you need to widen the scope of your software to include more significant HR features, the winHR database can be easily plugged in, saving lots of time and money.
Some of the more popular payroll products we have integrated with are: AIM, Allocations, Arrow, Attache, CHRIS, ePayday, HR3, Micropay, MYOB, Neller, Powerpay, Payline, Pastelpay, Payglobal, Paypack, Payroll.NET, Prism, Quickbooks, Sagepay, Spectrum, Timberline, WageEasy, WagezWindows, Winpay.

Click here to see a table of integration levels available for different payroll products.

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Importantly, WinHR links to our payroll software eliminating double-entry of employee information. WinHR is also very easy to use and has more functionality than we currently require. Each new upgrade has added additional features that have expanded the software's strengths.

In the last few years our business has grown significantly and WinHR has helped us to manage the expansion and new reporting requirements. WinHR makes my life a lot easier.

Neil McInnes, HR Manager

Uniting Care Connections