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More than ever, the responsibility of the Occupational, Health and Safety department is critical to an organisation.

OHS Software : Higher insurance premiums, increased fines for non-compliance, and even the risk of jail for business principals for fatal accidents, means that confidence in your safety software systems, policies and software tools is critical.  Compliance with safety software management systems is a driver for OHS responsibility, and a safer environment also means fewer injuries, greater productivity and improved profits.


Centralise & share information organisation-wide
As all organisation OHS data is centralised in one safety software solution, information can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.  Security allows you to restrict what type of information can be seen and which area's information can be accessed.  Via the web-browser capability of the safety software employees can enter incidents from any physical location or view a particular company policy online.


Comply with regulations
Occupational health and safety systems in recent years has become a key focus of state and federal governments. There is an expectation that organisations enact their duty to protect their employees.  To encourage compliance spot on-site -checks and hefty fines for compliance breaches are employed.  It is up to you to show that you have the processes and systems (including software) in place and have made suitable attempts to prevent injury in the workplace.  Additionally insurance premiums are often reliant on formulas which include number of incidents in the workplace.   winOHS safety management systems can help to not only automate processes in the workplace but can quickly create the safety software reports you require for compliance.


Prevention, planning & monitoring
Safety in the working environment is paramount.  Being pro-active in ascertaining potential issues to prevent accidents happening is very important. With winOHS safety software, correctly documented processes and controls can be easily accessed by staff.  Identifying and recording of hazards for automatic escalation helps prevention.  winOHS safety software's planned service schedules for equipment, and review dates for policies, ensures no missed dates.  Prevention, planning and monitoring are all pro-active ways to ensure a safe workplace.  


Productivity & cost savings
Ignoring safety can eventually stifle productivity and be very costly.  Workplace injuries affect not only the employees and their families, they cost you time and money, including the cost of replacing the person, training new staff, and the regulatory costs in terms of fines and paperwork. With winOHS safety systems, forgetfulness and disorganisation will never betray your good safety intentions


Employee satisfaction
Employees value their own safety.  Showing concern for their welfare reflects on the commercial value the public places on your organisation.  winOHS safety management systems helps takes away the cost and inconvenience of having to replace staff due to dissatisfaction. Attracting quality personnel is much easier with a safe workplace environment.

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The experience with FAVOUR has been most enjoyable. Favour staff have provided excellent technical back-up & have assisted greatly in setting up company structures & positions which proved quite challenging. A quick phone call for urgent advice was always answered! As we became more proficient in using the database tools Favour was there for help.

Peter McKernan, OH&S Coordinator

Andrew Corp (Australia)